Defender MIDI 4C

  • The standard for event technology, industry and all public applications
  • Heavy duty non-slip all-round cable protectors made out of black, recyclable polyurethane with integrated carrying handles
  • Yellow polyethylene cover with high warning effect and secure locking
  • Patented self-cleaning hinged cover
  • 4 channels: 1 channel 80 x 36 mm (for C-pressure hoses) and 3 channels 34 x 36 mm
  • Load capacity approximately 5 t/20 cm²
  • Fire protection class B2 (DIN 4102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
  • Resistant to oil, acids, solvents and petrol
  • Dimensions 87 x 54.2 x 5.2 cm; weight 11.5 kg
  • Reliable cable, hose and personal protection for indoor and outdoor use
  • End caps for safe cable entry and exit available as accessories


3 medium-sized cable channels – 1 large channel for fire hoses

The Defender® MIDI 4C cable crossover has three cable channels measuring 34 x 36 mm plus a wide hose channel (80 x 36 mm), making it the ideal solution if a pressure hose has to run parallel to individual sound, light and/or network cables. With its integrated connectors, flat profile and a capacity of 5 tonnes on an area of 20 x 20 cm (like the Defender MIDI system), MIDI 4C cable crossovers are perfect for heavy traffic, construction sites, warehouses, shopping centers, trade shows and exhibitions, as well as carnival and music events.

Label your cable crossovers! All Defender cable crossovers can be customised with your company logo from a minimum order of just 30 units per model. The format requirements are available in the download area. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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