SP 3202 VT

VARI-TILT® Studio Monitor Speaker Stand

  • Solid cast-iron base
  • Steel tray with isolating foam rests
  • Black powder coating
  • 50 kg load capacity
  • Including spikes

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The Gravity studio monitor stand GSP 3202 VARI-TILT® features a heavy, triangular base made of cast iron and a 25×25 cm steel tray with isolating foam rests. It is tilt-adjustable by 10° and height-adjustable from 90 to 150 cm for optimum speaker positioning. The stand is supplied with a set of spikes. Mounted on the large, integrated rubber feet, these ensure effective coupling to the floor.

Additional information

Product type

Stands and Tripods


Speaker Stands

Tubing material


Tubing colour


Tubing surface

Powder coated

Min height

900 mm

Max height

1500 mm

Height adjustment

Clamp with safety pin

Base type


Base material

Cast iron

Base edge length

292.5 mm

Lower connector


Tubing diameter

42 mm / 35 mm

Max. load

50 kg

Interchangeable rings

1 x 15 mm , 1 x 20 mm , 1 x 30 mm

Black ring pack included



7 kg

Additional information

Including acoustic isolation spikes


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